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ACYF Well-Being Framework: the components of a system necessary to reach well-being for infants, toddlers and their families (December 2012).
PowerPoint presentations:

QIC-EC Learning Network Webinar – 2009 Child Maltreatment Data - Current Trends and Implications for Prevention (4/14/11)

Presenters included: Nancy Seibel, Ying-Ying Yuan, Ph.D., Michelle Ernst, Ph.D., Kristi Shook Slack, Ph.D. and MaryAnne Snyder, BA

QIC-EC Dissertation Research Award Webinar for Prospective Applicants and Graduate Faculty (3/3/11)

Presenter: Charlyn Harper Browne

Introduction to Research and Demonstration Grantees: DuLCe Family Partners and The Family Networks Project (7/23/10)

Presenters included Robert Sege and Cheri Shapiro

Introduction to Research and Demonstration Grantees: Strong Start Study and Fostering Hope (6/25/10)

Presenters included Heiko Junge, Stephen Rider and M. Kay Teel

Current Research on the Adult Outcomes of Child Maltreatment (3/26/10)

Presenters included David Zielinski and Nancy Seibel

Promoting Optimal Development for Young Children & Their Families Affected by HIV/AIDS and/or Substance Abuse (9/25/09)

Presenters included Nancy Seibel, Jeanne Pietrzak, Rizwan Shah and Wendy Courts

Prevention: A Dialogue about Research and Practice (6/26/09)

Presenters included Nancy Seibel, Sandra Alexander, Deborah Daro and Benda Jones Harden

Introduction to the QIC-EC (3/09)

Presented by Charlyn Harper Browne, QIC-EC Project Director


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